Monday, June 11, 2012

Day 9

So the more I looked at week 2 the more I was scared and apprehensive. All the daily exercises are set up to stimulate the brain and cause me to think about past stuff. It's supposed to break the association between the certain person and negative emotions by over exposing my brain to stimulus. So after I've spent 4 weeks suppressing my feelings and trying to forget I'm now supposed to spend each day welcoming my emotions. So you can see why I wasn't super excited. I'm also scared at the possibility of me going back to the crazy place. But I have faith in myself and I trust the process.

Todays activities weren't easy and they brought up some intense emotions but I got through it. I can't necessarily say I'm looking forward to tomorrows activities but I am looking forward to where I will be after this week. So bring it on!!


June Wahlstrom said...

You have a great attitude about things Michelle. I love you lots, and I am here for you every step of the way. Don't give up, you are making progress, I can see that!

Michelle said...

Thanks so much! Your love and support mean so much. I'm definitely a slow learner but I'm thankful I'm finally learning! Love you!