Monday, June 25, 2012

Day 23

I had another fun day with my family.  My sister and brother in law are in Park City so my mom and I are taking care of my niece.  I spent the night last night so I could be here in the morning to help get her ready for the day and to spend some time with her.  Her parents ended up missing her a lot so we decided to make a trip up to Park City so they could spend some time with her.  I think the highlight of the trip for me was playing in the big bathtub with Mckenzi.  After we went swimming in the pool we went back to their suite and Mckenzi and I (in our bathing suits) got into the big bathtub.  We filled it up with warm water and turned the jets on.  We had so much fun splashing and playing.  We didn't want to get out but we had to so we could get ready for dinner. Seriously my niece brings me so much joy as does the rest of my family.  I just wish my other niece and nephew lived closer.  Because nothing cheers me up like seeing their bright shinning faces.  I love them more then I can say.

I'm really enjoying family time but sadly it will come to an end as I go back to school Wednesday but I do have other fun things planned for this week that I am excited about!  :)

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Dustin Garrett said...

I see a big change in you already bor. Keep up the good work. I know its hard but you're doing amazing. Thanks for taking such good care of my baby girl.