Thursday, June 21, 2012

Day 19

I saw this quote this morning in the book and I loved it! It's so perfect for me. Ive always looked at the closed doors in my life and it makes me wonder what I've missed out on. Well no more. I'm through wishing and hoping for something that is at the mercy of someone else. I control my happiness and I control my future. Yet even as I write this there is still a hint of sadness and confusion.

I really truly don't know how to let go of this friendship. More importantly I don't know how to let go of hope. Hope that one day it will be different. But I'm done torturing myself. I will find a way to let go. I have to.

So today was a better day. School was good. My mom came to town for awhile! I got to play with my niece. I saw a midnight showing of a movie with friends. And while my mind still wandered to the ever present topic I'm ok. I'm actually better then ok. :)

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