Thursday, June 7, 2012

Day 5

This is something I was thinking about today. I'm slowly becoming less concerned with what others think about me and my choices. It's no secret I've done some crazy stuff but instead of caring how others are going to react or judge me, I care what I think of me. And also what my Heavenly Father thinks. I am sorry I've hurt others and let them down. And I'm working hard to make amends and to change my behavior patterns. But right now my main concern is me. And while that may sound selfish it feels nice to finally genuinely care about me.

So day 5 was a good day. I went to therapy which I love. I was able to talk on the phone with Lisa. She always helps me get things straight in my head. And also see things from a different perspective. I did my daily exercises which made me think about some stuff. I went to my school to fill out paperwork so I could end my leave. I will be going back to school on the 16th. It will be nice to go back and have an added distraction. I've missed school. Then later tonight I went and saw the midnight showing of Prometheus. A pretty good day.

The nicest thing that happened me today was seeing my classmates. They told me they had missed me and couldn't wait till I came back to school. :)

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