Thursday, October 30, 2008


I know some are getting tired of all this Prop 8 stuff but it's important. In an effort to learn more I've been searching out any information I can about this issue. While browsing some articles I found this great article. Please take a look at it.


Monday, October 13, 2008


Is there anything worth fighting for? If so, what? And how do you define fighting? Does it mean you have to be loud, mean, defensive? Or can you fight for something by using knowledge and truth to educate? There is much being said about Proposition 8 and I do not all the facts. I do know that I am voting yes and that this is something worth fighting for. I am voting yes to protect the sancitity of marriage. I am voting yes because the family unit is important to me. I'm voting yes to insure that I will be able to get married where and how I choose. I'm voting yes because I do not want adoption services to close their doors because they won't let homosexuals adopt children. I am voting yes so that my children won't be forced to learn about homosexuality in sex education. I am voting yes because I truly believe that this issue will change the world and that it is worth fighting for.

Anyone who knows me knows when I fight for something I am not quiet, nice, or politically correct. And my first impulse in regards to this issue is to get all worked up, argue, debate...basically do anything I can to get me point of view heard and seen. But someone dear to me taught me that you don't have to fight like that when you have the truth. You can use the truth to educate others. So I am going to try to resist the urge to argue and just educate.

Please take the time to educate yourself about Proposition 8. Please don't allow the media to sway you. There are so many resources out there. Here is a little video that breaks it down. It's easy to follow:

Here is a link to a wonderful hub about twin brothers with opposing views on the subject. Please read: