Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Day 11

So today the daily exercises resulted in me writing a poem about a relationship. Well kind of a poem. Is it a poem if it doesn't rhyme? I've gone back and forth between deciding wether or not I should share it on here and I decided I will. I am in no way a poet. But here it is:

Quick Friendship
Intense Feelings
Playful Banter
Passionate Jealousy
Lively Conversation
Multiple Fights
Gentle Happiness
Bitter Coldness
Unconditional Love
Unrequited Love
Infectious Laughter
Floods of Tears
Blissful Acceptance
Patronizing Agony
Unspoken Understanding
Confusing Emotions
Exhilarating Memories
Harsh Reality
Wanted Honesty
Stinging Honesty
Anger, Hurt, & Lots of Words
Excruciating Falling Out
Consuming Obsession
Debilitating Desperation
Exhausting Lies
Liberating Rock-Bottom
Intense Self Reflection
Forgiveness, Hope, & Love
Promising Future

As with all the exercises this week I wasn't looking forward to doing it but it was very therapeutic.

The nicest thing to happen to me today was watching The Godfather with Wes, Katie and Andrew. My favorite movie ever!

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