Saturday, June 16, 2012

Day 14

Today is the halfway mark! And I made it through week two. Not only did I make it through but I didn't have an emotional breakdown and I didn't do anything crazy or dumb. Even better, I learned a lot and I broke the connection between negative feelings and memories. Yay!!

However all of week two's exercises have really made me miss my friend and our friendship. I don't miss the craziness, the fighting, the lies, the intensity, and all the drama. But I really miss the great fun we had. I miss my movie partner. I miss just laughing at nothing and everything. I miss having someone that understood my weirdness that I could talk to about anything. I miss having someone I could text random stuff to. Basically I miss my best friend. And I wish I had the friendship but my life doesn't depend on it. I can survive without it. I have other friends who I love. I enjoy my life. I'm doing good.

And while this process is to help me get over the craziness and intensity that I had I don't think I'll ever be over wanting my friend back. But if that never happens I'll be ok. So we will see what the next two weeks bring. Im just really proud of myself for making it these 14 days! :)


June Wahlstrom said...

I am so proud of you as well Sis!

Michelle said...

Thanks sis! Love you!