Thursday, September 11, 2008

2-0! GO COUGARS!!!

So last night when I was writing about what has happened since my last post I noticed I left out the most important events in my life; BYU FOOTBALL! The Cougars have won their first two games! And I am so excited!

The first game was against Northern Iowa. It was good game! I got a nervous when it became a 10 point game, but I have faith in my cougars, and they pulled ahead to win 41-17. They extended their winning streak to 11 straight games, which happens to be the nation's longest winning streak. But there were some concerns like ball protection, there were 5 fumbles. Come on guys, hold on to the ball! But they did win so I can't complain. Here is a great highlight video:

Coach Mendenhall addressed the media and talks about one of my concerns, ball protection:

Then the next week they played the Washington Huskies. I was a bit nervous. BYU played Washington 6 times, dating back to 1985, and the Huskies have won 4 of those games. And the Cougars have never won in Seattle. But again I had faith.

I was really hoping to watch the game with some friends but I woke up early that morning with a horrible migraine. ): So I ended up watching it in bed. And the stress of the game, especially at the end did not do well for my migraine.

Most people ended up talking about the celebration call at the end of the game. With the score 21-28, Jake Locker (Washington's quarterback) scored a touchdown with 4 seconds left in the game. If the PAT was good then the game would be tied and it would go into the ever exciting over-time. But a celebration call took the extra point attempt into a 35 yard field goal like kick. Sure the celebration rule is dumb but it is a rule and Locker broke the rule. And Washington still had a chance to win. BUT defensive lineman Jan Jorgensen blocked the kick, giving the Cougars a 28-27 victory!

And just to clear it up this is the NCAA rule on celebration:
After a score or any other play, the player in procession immediately must return the ball to an official or leave it near the dead-ball spot.

And Locker clearly threw the ball in the air and did not return it to the official. But you be the judge...

Coach Mendenhall addressed the media after the game. I really think he has so much class.
I wish I could find what he said immediately after the game when asked about the celebration call. But coach Mendenhall has class in any interview.

On Saturday BYU faces the UCLA Bruins for the third time in 370 days. UCLA holds a 7-2 advantage in the series but BYU did beat them in the 2007 Pioneer Las Vegas Bowl game. However the handed the Cougars
one of only two losses of the 2007 season. Both teams are good. UCLA has Norm Chow who is a Offensive genuis and if they played like they did against Tennese then they have a good chance. BYU has Max Hall leading the Cougars amazing offensive. So if both teams bring it Saturday's game will be amazing.

Oh the cougars better win because if they do not I have to do 5 push ups in front of cute boys. And I recently tried to do regular, not girl, push ups and I could barely do 2. So I have a lot on this game!! GO COUGARS!!!


Kristin said...

What's with all the symbols???

Michelle said...

What do you mean? What symbols? Is it all messed up? Can you see the videos?

In The Doghouse said...

You are by far the most amazing BYU football fan ever! Even though I don't really understand the game I enjoy reading your recap! lol Have a great time watching the game today and may the best team win! lol For your house that will be BYU and for mine....well.... that is another story. But just remember with out the competition there wouldn't be a game after all.
Love you all the same! lol

Leah said...

You crack me up! I miss you and I hope that you are doing well.