Friday, July 25, 2008

Michelle Who?

I've heard about blogging for awhile and most of my friends have them. These friends were surprised I didn't have a blog. And to tell you the truth I'm surprised I haven't had a blog before now too. A place where I can share my thoughts, opinions, feelings freely and without being interrupted, yelled at, laughed at, told I'm wrong, judged...well that's just PERFECT!!! When people meet me they soon find out two things about me 1. I LOVE all things BYU, especially BYU football and 2. I'm opinionated. And while these two things are true and an important to me there is much more. My family, friends, religion (and BYU) mean so much to me. I am intense, loyal, emotional, and sometimes crazy. I'm really excited about this blogging thing. I can't wait to share my opinion about...well everything!


Kristin said...

Yay! I'm so glad you got a blog!

Sarah (and Bryce) said...

I was bored and snooping around facebook and saw your blog address :) hope that isn't too stalker-ish :) hahaha!

annie said...

love it! you will be an awesome blogger.

A Well Behaved Mormon Woman said...

Michelle -

Welcome to the blogosphere! I love what you have done with the place here. I also love how you are turning your love for BYU into something other BYU fans will enjoy.